Personal Fiber License

Personal Fiber License:

An investment in the community

Introducing the personal fiber license—the fastest route to better Internet for you and safer homes for all.

What is a personal fiber license?
The personal fiber license assures your ownership of a dedicated fiber line running from our hub directly to your residence. It guarantees you a private, unshared data connection to use any way you wish, such as a direct, secure link between your home and office. The fiber connection—and license—become part of your property and thereby increase your home’s value.

How will buying one help my neighborhood?
Investing in a license accelerates the fiber buildout in your area. Once we issue a certain number of personal fiber licenses within a neighborhood, we install fiber in that area before other parts of your city. By buying a personal fiber license, you provide us with the immediate resources to make your area a better place to live.

How will it make my home (and neighborhood) safer?
High-speed fiber helps you manage your own home-security systems and cameras. But personal fiber licenses can also help subsidize data connections between your neighborhood’s homes and local police and private security headquarters, allowing them to monitor your feeds as well.

How can I get a personal fiber license?
For a one-time fee of $12,000, a personal fiber license provides your home network with a lifetime of greater bandwidth, higher security and more control. Additional private fibers may be added at a cost of $5000 per extra line. This expenditure can be considered an investment in your home, enjoyment, productivity, security—and of course your community.

When you buy a personal fiber license, you’re not just helping yourself. You’re making your entire neighborhood happier, more productive, and more secure. And you ensure that property values will continue to rise. Have questions about the Personal Fiber License? We’re here to help.


Now you have a better broadband choice.